Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where Has Time Gone?

It's hard to believe that Sarah is already 9 Months old. She is standing on her own and is growing so fast.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Walk In The Park

This wast weekend we decided to do something fun. For Des that was going shopping and for me it was taking pictures. So we headed down to Medicine Hat and I dropped Des and Sarah off at Costco while I took Ben and Rachel to Kal Tire to get some nuts on a tire re torqued (evidently, I learned that the Kal Tire by Costco is not very busy so you can get in and out really quick). After a while we came out of the store a little heavier and headed down to Police Point Park (first time for me, one of many for Des and the kids). Des took me to a place that she thought would be perfect for pictures. When we arrived at the location I saw what she was talking about it was perfect (some shade, a path, a bench and lots of over hanging trees).
On the way back to the van the kids found a hollow stump/log and had fun climbing in and out of it.

The sun was going down and the light was good so we took advantage of the opportunity for some more family pictures.

As a side note,
I learned that Sarah is a very easy baby to get to smile for the camera even when no one is behind it. I think it might be the flashing light.
For those that have not been, I would highly recommend going to Police Point Park in Medicine Hat. It's beautiful this time of year.