Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Medusa and her marble husband

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photo Update

Why is it that I seem to only update this blog when we have taken a new family photo? Any way, here are... the new family photos.

I've been meaning to do a photo of our family at the Temple for a while. We tried a month or so ago but it wasn't up to my standard so it never saw the light of day.

Des and I have been going to the Temple every month for the past 7 months and we thought we'd bring the kids with us this time. It was the Saturday before Des' birthday and we did the trip as a way to celebrate the occasion. I brought my lights and we got the kids all cleaned up. Whlie we were there the girls got to see a bride come out of the Temple and they were just starstruck and all they could talk about was how much they wanted to be married in the Temple (as long as we can keep them focused on that one goal I will be happy). Even Ben was saying that he was looking forward to being able to go in one day.

I decided to do our photos on the opposite side of the temple where everyone else does their photos. i have admired this side for a while because of the mature trees and how they frame the Temple rather then the temple just standing out there like it does directly opposite from were we were.

I have to say that the past 7 months have gone a lot better then I would have imagined. After loosing my job I never would have thought we would being doing as well as we have been. I know it is, in part, a result of our regular Temple attendance.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Photos and Fire Alarms

Last night we had our Ward Talent Show. Des sang in a few groups and I was asked to put together something about my photography. I ended up putting together a short slide show. I added the song "Child of Light" by Mindy Gledhill which I think has a good message and went well with the photos. For those that weren't able to see the slide show all the way through I  thought I'd post it here on our Blog.

Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Fun and Aphids

I don't know what happened this summer but it seems to have never happened. We had Spring that lasted for about 5 months and now we are into Fall. It has been a fairly nice Autumn so far with mild weather and a few short showers. It was a bit cool for a little while but that seems to have subsided for the time being.

With all the nice weather we thought we'd go out last night and do a family photo again. What we hadn't planned for was the swarm of aphids that awaited us at the location. It was bad. In the photo below you can see them reflecting the sun in the right hand side of the image. First it was mosquitoes earlier in the year now it is aphids, great. Oh well what can you do? At least it's not snowing yet right?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Called to Serve

Today I was sustained as the Second Counsellor in the Bishopric of our Ward. I thought something like this might happen eventually but never this soon or at this time in my life. I am truly humbled to think that I am going to be working with two great men in serving the members of the church in Brooks for next 5 years or so. I'm currently still the Young Men's President but that will obviously be changing soon, but until that time I am looking forward to meeting with the great boys we have here in town on a regular basis.
My parents and two of Des' brothers were able to come to Brooks for my Ordination. I love my family and the sacrifices they make for me and my family. Life is good and life is about to get a lot more interesting.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Date Night

What better way is there to spend a windy Friday night than taking photos of your beautiful wife? Well that's just what we did last weekend.

there are several good things about a windy day, it keeps the mosquitoes under control and it adds life and movement into your hair.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We took a day to enjoy some of the sight of Nottingham (where David and Alison currently live) on our third day. We began by going on a walk to the nearby University where David attends school. We ended up walking around a lake/park that is part of the campus. it was beautiful.

I promised my self (and Des) before we left, that I would take more pictures of the two of us and not just the things we saw. About the third day into our trip I started to really appreciate the time I was getting to spend with Des away from the pressures back home. I found my self looking at her with new eyes (actually the old eyes I saw her with when we first met) and I fell in love with her again. It was so nice to be able reconnect. We still argued a few times and had a huge blow up in London over something small but I came back from our trip with more then just some nice pictures; I came back with a more consummate love for my wife.

After our walk with David we went on a few more walks with Alison to Wollaton Hall and Nottingham Castle while David went to work.

While Des and I were traveling back last night from a Baby blessing (congrats Eric and Alayna), we got talking about marriage relationships. It got me thinking about how we flew around the world to see family and go on this adventure. If we had our own agendas and didn't try to share the experience with each other we would have had a terrible time. No matter how far we flew or how many things we did. We went into the trip with a pretty open mind and schedule and it suited us well. As I said before, we still argued but I know that was largely due to us (me) not communicating.
Now that I have this written down some where I can come back and remind myself from time to time that I am not always right. There, I said it... and everyone can see it.