Friday, May 20, 2011

Photos and Fire Alarms

Last night we had our Ward Talent Show. Des sang in a few groups and I was asked to put together something about my photography. I ended up putting together a short slide show. I added the song "Child of Light" by Mindy Gledhill which I think has a good message and went well with the photos. For those that weren't able to see the slide show all the way through I  thought I'd post it here on our Blog.

Let me know what you think.



Kathy T. said...

It was really very good! Too bad it got interrupted by small children and the fire alarm. Thanks for posting it!

Rod and Judy said...

Thanks for letting us see your great slide show. You have really developed your talents. I'm going to send the blog address to all of our family members so they can see the slide show you have put together. Well done, Rich.

cindy gray said...

You are so awesome Bro. You are really great at this. The Lord sure has given you a gift. I still see that skate boarding basketball playing brother I grew up with. Keep up the good work. Love you and the family tons....Hannah keeps asking when Rachel is coming to see her.

Kristen said...

Those were beautiful pictures! Good job!